2D and 3D

A traditional pencil animation I did to test a small lunchbox built with a light fixed underneath a see-through surface with a downward facing camera. I drew around 300 images, some reused for final pose, to create 10 seconds of animation.



rubbermanWire rubbermanSketch









This I call “Rubberman”, it’s a 3D model I made back 2003 in Maya 5.0.  This initial sketch was a nod of the head to Chris Cunningham’s teaser trailer work for Rubber Johnny, for Aphex Twin’s album drukqs. Rubberman




Some traditional and digital sketches for a music video shoot with compliments to Jason Kong.


BFly Ortho04 HamiltonColourways2_03











First of many storyboards which will be part of a larger post in the coming weeks, which will show the whole shooting process. Jo Hamilton Story Board_01Jo Hamilton Story Board_02Jo Hamilton Story Board_09Jo Hamilton Story Board_08Jo Hamilton Story Board_07Jo Hamilton Story Board_06Jo Hamilton Story Board_05Jo Hamilton Story Board_04Jo Hamilton Story Board_03Jo Hamilton Story Board_10Jo Hamilton Story Board_13Jo Hamilton Story Board_12Jo Hamilton Story Board_11

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