Moodswings was conceptualized by James Hood and Tatiana Plakhova.  The idea was that Tatiana’s 2D work displayed here (well worth the click), should be recreated in 3D.  I was lucky enough to win the bid and hired myself a producer, production coordinator, and 10 artists ranging through animators, nuke compositors,

These 3D renditions of Tatiana’s work we called “structures”, an example of a 3D structure we made is here.  The mother of all structures being the Mandala, more detail about that here.


The visual concept Tatiana and James came up with was quite stunning.  Tatiana’s 2D creations are other-worldly, above is a 3D version of what we hope does her work justice.  There are roughly 1 trillion tris in the above render, not taking into account the multitudes of Maya references used to reduce revision work time.




On top of the Mandala rests a city covered in Tatiana’s structures.  The topography we used was South Africa’s Capetown.  To get the most accurate model, we used orthographics from Google Earth, stock footage sites, and even tourist photographs.









The Moodswings logo work was quite tricky.  The logo itself was delivered to us as a rasterised image, with no vector file to work with.  We started with basic geometric laws that had to apply to the image, using a basic torus, reshaping and rotating to fit a ring, rinse, repeat.  Maya was the key for the shapes and animation, Nuke was the key for the textures, lighting animation, and final fade into the actual rasterised logo at the end of the clip below.







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